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12th September 2018
Noel Edmunds tidy beard Posted by Mark Fox
Move along! There's nowt to see here....


Maybe there is/ will be/ has been

Don't call me a has been!

I've never been so etc'd in my notwithstanding

In short


(Thanks Jim for still keeping up the site. You will be rewarded in heaven or toy won't be if there's no God)


15th September 2015
Zack FM. we hire anyone. Posted by Mark Fox
Good morning my neighbours
well, its been a while since my last update, but, in my defence, not as long as it looks if you go by the actual posts as during the years my dear fiend 'Webby' has insisted on taking the website on holidays for 'some down time' and inevitably quite a lot of the rowdier links never make it back into the country
or somat....
Anywayz I'm sure you're busy so I won't ramble on
There's no point just writing nothing in particular just so it looks like a more comprehensive update
Thatwould be not only pointless but silly and immature
I prefer to get straight to the point and say what I came here to say
In and out!
Quick, easy and painless and leaving you all to get back to whatever you were doing before you came here to do this!
After all, I truly value your time and appreciate that you must have a thousand other things that you need to do like answer all those fuckin Candy Crush invites and finally getting round to deleting that MySpace account
So, with that in mind and not to waste a single more second I have some news for you that you might be interested in. It's Mark Fox related you see and as this is Mark-fox.co.uk I thought it might appeal to this unique demographic ( I've lost even me now...and ironically, I was talkin about ME at the time!)
So...what was it....
Oh yeah!

New show
Every Saturday
Available In and around the Newmarket and Maidenhall  area and irrespective of whether or not you're on a horse or not,
Zack FM
also available online. On Tunein App. And, if Webby gets his finger out, quite possibly from a player we'll stick up his ar......up on the site!
I do hope you'll tune in and have a listen

Like Mayor Quimby said:
"Vote for me
Cause I'd vote for you!"
Saturday at ten, then!

N.B. Thanks to Dean Of Suurogate in Clam for his tweet ' @Markfoxry '
Just to let you know, Dean, Yes! Its nearly all cleared up now and the authorities have decided not to bring any charges as the Duck almost fully recovered

Arsecheese x

15th February 2014
Wind of change...and my bottom! Posted by Mark Fox
Good Morning my neighbours!
Well, what seems like a wait of 'quite a very long time;because it was, I am pleased to announce that.....My Hernia Operation will be soon!

In other news I've managed to get myself back on't Wireless!

That' right! You heard(Read)kurecktlee! I'm back.

" But Where?" I hear you cry!

"When?" you hungrily probe.

"How?" you demand to know

Well, if you'll just shut the fu*k up with all the questions I might have a chance to get a word in....

That's better, right:

A while ago this bloke called... let's just call him, 'Rick Houghton'( That is his name you see!) cropped up in my life whilst I was somewhere Hot and Sandy trying my best to avoid any responsibilities and generally having a bit of a 'Giraffe!' (Giggle). We had a bit of a laugh together for a while in this hot,Sandy place and then we parted company with me promising one day to make us both rich by writing a Screenplay containing all/none or some of the experience we had together and he promising to post me back my hub-caps

Anyways, this 'Rick Houghton' fella he only has the nerve to pop up further down my lifespan and demand I work for him on his Radio/TV station!
" What's in it for me?" I cooly enquired
"It'll get you off the scrap heap and stop you worrying the sheep!" he replied " "I'll put you in a luxury flat and pay you a good sum my man to do that thing where you play songs and talk shite between them"

" Can I think about it?"


"Good, then I'll take it!"

And I Have!

Anyway,it's starting in the next few weeks.Studios being fitted out a I write this. Still being fitted out as I write this.Still.And still( You get my drift)
I'd like to thank everyone who over the years has taken the time to send me their bank details and a special mention to my late father 'Dad, you were supposed to be there at SIX!'
The website to my new venture is under construction at the moment as it's the time of year when all webmasters have their annual jolly up to Butlins in Bognor regis, in the meantime,though,you can - you will(You'd better!)join and LIKE the Facebook page here

Also,for some strange but cosmically awesome random reason ( The Bugle boy owns it) my paps appear to have found a new home here at the mo!: http://www.weareblunt.com/

What can I say, it doesn't rain...(It actually really does,and has been!)

In the words of Stuart Francis:
'A part of me feels I can be a bit too candid
Another part of me is my bum hole.

I'm off like a bag of prawns in a Heatwave

Give us a listen in Yorkshire. Mon-Fri 2 till 6pm and Sat morn. 7 till 10am

..and like that, he's gone....

P.S. I really must finish that Screenplay ;-)

14th February 2014
COMING SOON! Posted by Mark Fox


5th January 2014
Happy Fu*kin New year...now fuck off! Posted by Mark Fox

..and it's the 4th today...NOT the 5th!


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