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1st February 2013
Inguinal Hernia and chips please! Posted by Mark Fox
Good Morning my neighbours!
I hope I find you all well and all that pooh and just thought I\'d update you to remind you that I am still, presently, alive and well and as eager to irritate and aggravate as I ever was when I was employable!
I was supposed to be doing some more Radio work with the Chestless Bugle but as with all Radio projects they are obliged, by law, to be delayed for an unspecified time for no particular reason. Rather like a Film set between takes where the Director and 2nd and 3 rd asst Directors gather round with a few studio execs to look at the last take and ponder about it for three hours before saying in a loud confident way \" OK, lets do that one again!\"
Talking of Film work( Is it still called work if they don\'t like paying you for it?) I am pleased to announce that earlier this year I gave birth to my very own ( Ok, shared with the team of \' For Elsie\' bouncing Baby Student Academy award ( Yes, I\'ve won a bloody Oscar!) That will go with the eighth of  a Sony I won with The Bugle and my fifteen yard swimming certificate, on my mantle piece...just as soon as I get ...a Mantle piece!
I keep hassling Webby to put up some new (old) sounds but he is busy , like me, growing chins and making excuses; however if you feel like popping around his house and kickin the sh*t outta him his address is
James La websville
38 Rancid Gardens
Camelpooh avenue
If enough do then he might put up the new 90 min Scam I sent him up before one of us dies!
Also,due,most probably,because I don\'t pay him and he\'s skint, the server went down for a but and we lost some more of my vintage news updates;so although it looks like I haven\'t bothered updating for a year , I either did...or possibly dreampt I had!
Other than that and not excluding that which is of any further.....what the fu*k am I on about?
Look out for any new updates  or newly deleted ones or reappearing bats up your nighty!. Next time I\'ll tell you about the day I danced with a spaceman/ alien mask on with some bloke called Shah Rukh Khan for another bloke called Yash Chopras Film or somat!
Lastly and definitely least can I say during my time working on my upcoming movie spectacular ( Breaking The Camels Back) I have met some very wonderful, interesting, beautiful extras or S/a\'s as they are known in the trade; talented individuals whom support and back up the work of our finest thespians
I have also met a couple of sherbets called Greatnorthrn Gimp and some tart called June Alison Teresa Smythe! ( I ask you, really?) to all of these, apart from the last two, I salute you!

as usual, Kindest and Upyourflaps!

Until we meet again or Webby gets his finger out and makes me look better than I actually am!



More arse!

Any messages can be sent to


DON\'T SEND TO Mark@mark-fox addy as I don\'t know what webby\'s done with that

I do hope I don\'t come across as ungrateful about my web man, a man who has never asked for a thing of me apart for some used skiddies and June Alison Teresa smythes phone number!

I\'ll sort that out for you asap, James.xx

( I\'ve reposted my last update which disappeared for a laugh!..and cause it saves me doing a new one..which will only go missing anyway!)

18th February 2012
AT Last. Sanctuary..It was the Bells!! Posted by Mark Fox
Good Morning my Neighbours!

A very good friend of mine whos name I shouldn't mention as he's as mad as a box of Frogs so lets just Call Him..I Dunno..Dave Turley from Dorset and hope he doesn't read this between electrolysis and wall bouncing classes!

Anyway, Dave, asked me why I sent him a link at the end of a court Injunction I'd filed against him to an ' Out of date' website and it was with horror that I knew, firstly that Dave had my address and secondly that indeed the site could look dejected and abandoned like an Italian Cruise liner captain might abandon a sinking ship and all its passengers!

Well I see you as MY passengers! And I don't want you to think I've just..swam away and left you mid salute to leave you alone and scared!

I have mentioned before but just incase you couldn't be arsed to read it or even have a life I will repeat that it's all Webbys fault! He killed the server and when it came back to life it had eaten about 35 years worth of brilliantly witty and hillariously funny well spelt Grammartyc poetry of wittisisismmm!

Unfortunately, the lost updates are the ones where I was breakfast DJ at Radio 1 and briefly became PM saving the World that week. Infact the only thing that kept that story out of te News was it was the same week Frankie 'Coke Up The Noza' left The Shite Factor!

I also strongly refute the rumours that I haven't been on the Radio for a while because currently I couldn't get arrested in Radio due to it being Dead from behind the eyes and shite on a bike in this Country at least....ooh no wait that might be true!

I am working on getting back on air and I'll advise as and when, soldier!

I'm working on getting the wonderful but terminally lazy student arse that is my Webby to give me facilities to upload NEW old sounds/ pics/private ads for DJ's you'd like to get to know better etc... without bothering his beautiful pert anus but he's a slow process...so,as a matter of fact is his pert anus!

I have to go now as Dave from Dorset is about to bite through his muzzle he Needs a wee wee outside before I put him back in his Kennel!

If you haven't already..check out the sounds page and laugh yourself to as semi! ..Girls!

I'll leave you with a few links to some random shite!Obviously I'M IN EM!

Keep the Faith ( Sell the hope and rent out the charity)



Ooh and say hello on FB. If I like the look of yah I'll add yah!

If you're a twat......I'll add yah!






You find me!

..and like that...He's gone.....!

.... Not really..... ;-0

18th February 2012
Sponge Bob! Posted by Mark Fox
Good Morning my neighbours!

"I needed a password with eight characters so I picked Snow White and the Seven Dwarves."*

11th February 2012
ARSE! Posted by Mark Fox

23rd April 2011
Arse! Posted by Mark Fox
It appears that yesterdays true fact may have been bollox. Sorry I had no idea Gonnoreah did that to your whatzit! ;-0

Another true-ish fact tomorrow.

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