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If you send Mark an email, it might just end up here!
Oh and, I don't correct your grammar like I do for Mark so, everyone can laugh at you.

Your ideal spot on TalkSPORT would be Charlie Wolf's weekend overnights - I hope you get it. All the best Mark.


Hey Mark,

Thanks for the tape, I got it last week.

Hope you're well and hope to hear you back on the airwaves very soon.


Hi Mark,

Is it too late to request a tape of your best-bits???? I'm so fed up of listening to absolute rubbish on the radio, especially in my car, and would love to hear someone interesting and funny who knows what radio entertainment is all about. I really hope you get back on the radio soon, good luck.

Lisa Ward xxxxx

Bless you! Thanks Mark. Don't suppose you've got any work lined up? No djing or anything? Maybe we can arrange a night of excessive drinking for you and all your fans? (and maybe Mr P, if he's not the bee gee that isn't " staying alive")
Thanks again

Lisa clarke x

mark and paula

i used to love your show on millenium and after a couple of weeks on holiday you disappeared without a trace where are you on now

neil higginson

hay mark.....im a radio presenter....well...sort of...hospital radio really...
i just want to say thanks to you for making me keep going and to not give up till i make it...

thanks again

ur biggest fan (not stan)


Well Mark
It's good to see you are contactable even if your not on air. I used to listen to you every morning at my office desk in Australia. having a laugh and not getting any work done my boss wanted to know why are internet bill had gone up $425 per month since I joined 3 months ago. Now I am happy to report I get a lot more work done, Virgin has gone to the dogs and I heard a horrible rumour your working for Asda radio(which I believe is a supermarket!).

I think it's time you got an agent who can get you a really top gig. I was once in radio myself in Ireland and I would rate you in the top 5 DJ's I have heard, along with Tony Blackburn, Simon Bates, Noel Edmunds........just joking!

Keep up the site AND GET A GIG (make sure you can internet stream it).


p.s Good to heard Frank Butcher

pps Remember getting a good laugh out of "dancing President Bush" that was me.

Life has a funny way of suprising you when you least expect it!!

any chance of a signed Brian Sponge photo?

xxx P

did u get your disco stuff?are u still gigging at lewisham on friday?why r testicles on the outside?

Well Mark
I tried to work out what radio station you are talking about in your email but couldn't. Don't know too much about U.K radio. Something I did find quit funny was that you mentioned old Johnny boy.
Now John is an interesting character. In 1987 he was the girls favourite doing a show in Ireland called "Club orange schools out". Basically it was on at 7.00pm every weekday and John used to let a couple of school girls into the studio every weeknight.(Not sure what he did with them off air). You could send John a very shabby picture of himself in 1987 on Energy 103. It's pretty bad and it's on the web.
Anyway son keep up the search.

Over and under

p.s If you want the picture of John I can give you the link.

Dara Dennis

most excellent night friday,did u get re-booked for this friday?
you got a bloody good deal on the kit did'nt u?
whats so special about the drink on the 28th?is it your birthday?is it still on?
questions,questions....anyway....up yer bum....is graham norton gay?

Hi Mark!

What a wonderful surprise to receive your email! Im writing to you from Nashville where I moved 6 weeks ago! I have only checked my emails a few times since being here, as the internet launderette 'Harvey Washbangers' has closed down since I was last here!

Anyway here I am checking them, and I got your email! Im replying to you and attaching some photos that Mum sent me - one is a recent one of a photo that posted to her which she has scanned in to her computer and emailed half of the Western Civilisation, as it's of me and ..... Dolly Parton!!!! I met her completely by accident a few weeks ago in the Country Music Hall of Fame! I couldn't believe it!!! The second one is one that my little sister found in the garage and is of me in Australia 10 (gasp Im so old!) years ago!!! I don't know how to separate the two, so sorry you had to get that one as well!!!!

I am so happy to hear your news and hope to keep in touch more often now, please come and visit anytime with your family, and please tell Mr P and Julie (and new Baby) that they are welcome too! In fact all of you come, what the hell I have a double blow up bed and a settee!!!

I finally snagged the agent that I wanted before I left London, after 2 years of wooing him! He is Jools Holland's (swoon) manager, and he is called Paul Loasby. The reason Im mentioning this is because he also looks after Janice Long, and I thought that you could maybe contact him and see if he may have some DJ oppurtunities that you could go for? I will tell him about you next time I speak with him (about you being the best, wittiest, funniest and most fantastic DJ that ever there was) and if you want to call him here's his number: xxxxxxxxxxxx

Well I better go, Im off to an exercise class! Im still on my neverending diet and am trying exercise as a new idea at the moment, to see if running round and doing situps means I can eat still pizza and not put weight on! (not working as yet Im afraid but I'll keep you posted! :o)

Big Big Hugs and Cowboy Boots to you!
Please say hello to Julie and Mr P - and new Baby if it's arrived yet!

My number here if you ever need it is: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

All My Love and Banana's at Osamas,

Edwina xxxxx

I’ve just called Lulu to tell him that I’ve just got an email from that nutcase at Virgin Radio. The one who made my rib cage ache every morning whilst in HK. Funniest bloke to hit the waves of air. Virgin Radio lost my ears when Mark Fox moved on. Glad to hear you’re still around and even gladder to hear that young Frances is hooked on Scotty and Lulu music.

The Sars virus which is cruising the HK Hotspots has put an end to all forms of entertainment in Asia including the wild whacky antics of Scotty and Lulu so all our gigs have been cancelled and I’m back in the UK looking for ways to exploit the under 7s kiddy music market. Lulu is writing music for UK telly and Lou P Lou has just finished touring with Bryan Ferry. Fi Fi T is getting married in June and Scotty and Lulu hope to get back on stage as soon as possible preferably in the UK where there are no Sars infected projectiles of kiddy spittle and snot firing out from our young audience.

We’ve got a new CD out so email me your address and I’ll pop a copy of ‘Fish Food’ in the post for Frances. Sorry I’ve run out of the Fi and Lou sexy underwear shots. I’ll be taking some more soon but we do have some cute ones of Lulu in his Speedo’s for your wife.

Thanks again for all those momentous moments of rib tickling Virgin comedy.

Big snogs


Hello Mark, lost track of you after millennium, found your web page after entering my own name! have you still got the Frank Butcher song?

Mark Fox

When can I listen to you on the radio again?
You're a genius as a DJ, and I think it's just commercial motives that stop people hiring you - everyone I've listened to since your forced departure from Virgin, hasn't half of your character/spark, and has 'toed the line' by playing exactly what the station requires and all the (bl**dy annoying) adverts, promotions etc. to boot...

I can kind of understand why the radio stations try to employ faceless DJs that toe the line... since these stations are funded entirely by advertising. So perhaps you should be aiming at stations that are subscription-based rather than free.... I, for one, would pay to listen to your programmes.

BTW, in case it makes you feel any better, I haven't listened to Virgin since they dropped you. And I've told them so - more than
once! - but it doesn't seem to have had any effect :-(

I just cannot put up with DJs who are reading a script written by their management and playing the prescribed songs over and over and over again... without any input of their own...heck, I can program a computer to do that; but, whilst I'm programming computers, I want to listen to something less mechanical.

I always enjoyed listening to your shows on Virgin, and even used to adjust my sleeping hours to fit in with them - just ask my boss!
Keep trying, a (belated) Happy New Year to you, and I hope to be a listener again soon!

"Up your flaps!" ;-)
Take care,

Hey Mark,

What a wonderful message!

Have a fab Christmas and lets' hope that you're on our radio airwaves again very soon.

Love to you and Mr. P.


Hello Mark,
How are you doing? I hope well! I wish you amerry x-mas and a happy new year. Hope to hear you soon on air again.

   Your fan,

P.S.: Happy x-mas to you and your family!

i hereby apply for your "best bits" on CD.

Did u say cd or tape? (if not on cd why not :) I'll gladly burn u few dozen for ya or maybe 1-200 the cd's are only pennies now)

Missed u on the radio mate but ive got a few rather long mp3 shows which i recorded from dab (u want copies?)

Take care buddy and i hope ur back on the wireless soon (i have faith)

btw havent listened to virgin from that day to this


hello, thanks for the offer of that tape, would love a copy. Really miss you on the radio, you'd definitely be in my all time great virgin line up!

Merry christmas to you and hope to hear you on the radio in the new year...(not virgin tho cos its crap now...)

   Cheers mate,


Remember me?

I would love I copy of your tape, I could even send some franked stamps to the value of 27p have 30 of them left over from xmas cards that I didn't send if you would like them they're yours. Just let me know.

Anyway hope all is well with you and I hope that you have a great Christmas and new year.


Hi Mark,

I would love a copy of your compo tape to remember all of the best moments of your fantastic show. In all honesty, there hasn't been a single radio show since that has matched yours in terms of wit and humour. And lets not forget some great tunes too.

I don't know if you remember but I was the first person that phoned you with the idea of making an official website for you. I lost out to James but still, it was fun havin' a go!

Cheers and have a great Xmas.


Hi Mark,

Lee here, your old pal from RTM! It has been a while and from looking at your web site it seems like you have been busy. I had no idea you were on Virgin Radio and am sad to say that I didn't get to hear you. I have checked out some of your demo tapes on the web site though, and have to say that I feel you should have added a bit more of "I couldn't believe it!!" for good measure :-).

It would be really great to hear from you and see how you, Paula and the family are getting on. I now live with Rosie, who you met briefly at Millennium, in a small flat in St Johns Wood and work in Camden Town, where are you now? It would be great to meet up sometime and share some old memories.

Hope to hear from you soon,

And like that, he was gone.........


hello mark and paula hope the family is well .mornings just are not the same without your show.it used to make a sad morning happy and nobody else on the radio can do that!!!!!! still miss you lots all the best Brod Bassett

Hi Keith, You still an annoying pin dick tosser with a voice to vival Charlotte Church??

Very good to hear you on Talksport, i loved it! Pissed myself laughing! So the wrestling show finishes, next show stars, wrestling fans start to cool down after a couple of hours of "Whos gonna win this, whos gonna win that???"- then "THE FOX" comes in with "i dont really get wrestling, everyone knows its acting!" Fan`Fucking`Tastic! You sounded very at home on Talk.

Job hunting is going ok. I've been offered some late night stuff in the north on some EMAP stations which would be a laugh, I did the really cheeky thing of sending my Demo out MP3 style- getting loads of small stations yelling at me for blocking their networks...ha..ha.. Twats!

So im up to sunny Humberside (all the way from the sodding Isle of Shite) next week to talk. Which is nice!

You got anymore stuff coming up??



A man goes to a disco and starts chatting up a very attractive looking Chinese girl. After a night of cavorting, she asks him back to her place for "coffee".

They get back to her flat and she tells him to help himself to a drink whilst she slips into something more comfortable. Just as the bloke's about to finish his scotch and coke, the incredibly sexy Chinese seductress returns wearing only a see-through negligee. "I am your sex slave!," she announces.

"I will do ANYTHING your precious heart desires!"

The man can't quite believe his luck and says, whilst licking his lips in anticipation, "Hmmmmm, well a 69 would really hit the spot." F ** K OFF!!!" the Chinese girl replies angrily.

"I am not cooking for you at this time of night."

I haven't written to you personally before, but I thought it was time to do so... I listened to your show on Virgin for a number of months at the end of last year and radio has never been as good either before or after that period.

I've sent angry emails to two different program controllers at Virgin - including Paul Johnson as soon as I tuned into your show and found you missing - but they have yet to see sense; I can't understand why.

Quite simply, you are the best, and funniest, DJ I have ever listened to; I hope that you will soon make it back onto national radio so that I can listen to you once again.

Best of luck, and thanks for all the laughs.



Hello... Met you at invicta... You in work at the mo? Might be a gig goin?
mail back.

DAVE BETHELL - presenter - Drivetime - Hallam FM

Hi Mark,
I am looking for a CB arial preferably one that has come from a car owned by a DJ such as Steve Wright it can be up to 20 years old and originates from London. Can you help me? I will be standing outside the Pink Flamingo (and ill probably be crying in the rain!!!!) at midnight on Thursday.
How are you , you old bleeder, ring me soon or E mail me or else!!!
Hope to see you soon,

Hi Mark,

Hmmm, well, I could be wrong but I think you just might be someone I knew a long, long time ago. I just came across your site, purely by chance, and listened to some of your stuff. You (I think you) did the DJ biz on a tape you made for me a LIFETIME ago! Did you use to live in Northampton, the Harborough Road methinks? Was your handle 'Falcon' on the C.B. radio? Is your birthday on 19th July? If I am wrong then you have a double, mate!!

I was a drama student at Nene College and I came from Nottingham. If you are the Mark Fox I know, then you visited me in Nottingham a couple of times. Do you remember putting Haircut One Hundred's "Love Plus One" ten times on a
pub's juke box just to annoy all the punters?!

Well, just in case you don't know me, I won't say any more! Would love to hear from you if you are my ol' mate!

Loads of good wishes,


Hello Mark,

My name is Allan Lake and I really wanted to make contact with you as I think your great ON AIR. I've recently been fired from Capitals "POWER FM" in Hampshire because they suddenly decided that they didn't want personalities ON AIR- apparently just going to the phones and taking live calls is just unprofessional. I wasn't anything special at Power, just did late night weekends. Just wanted to talk to you about what you think I should do now.

I know its fucking cheeky just to mail you, but I thought if anyone would be able to give me advice on getting back into personality, it would be you! I'm from the Isle of Wight (fecking inbreds!) and started on Isle of Wight Radio, then got fired in early 2002 for a feature entitled "Bin Laden Reads The Bible"- well I thought it was funny. Anyway, then I moved to Power, did my stuff, seemed to be going well- then I get told that they want to refine the station into "NON STOP HITS, NON STOP VARIETY" and I wouldn't fit into that category.

Just wondered what you think I should do now, I'd totally understand if you told me to fuck off and sort it out myself.

Allan Lake

   just found your e-mail, i have not listend to virgin since those bastards sacked u, just a quick note to let u know your fans r still missing u.i use to listen to u all night, and then go to work at 8.u r a talent that just as to be on natioal radio.
   keep your pecker up, but try not to play with it.
   regards nigel in hartlepool

hello mr fox.
   why aren't you on virgin radio anymore?
   the station is so poor now that i have found myself listening to radio one, i didn't think i would be doing that again?
   anyway, what ever you are doing man, have a good one!
   virgin needs you!

   Grant me the serenity to except the things I cannot change,
   The courage to change the things I cannot accept,
   And the wisdom to hide the bodies of the people
   I had to kill today because they pissed me off.

   And also, help me to be careful of the toes I step on
   today as they may be connected to the ass that I
   may have to kiss tomorrow.

   Help me to always give 100% at work .........
   12% on Monday
   23% on Tuesday
   40% on Wednesday
   20% on Thursday
   5% on Fridays

   And help me to remember ......
   When I am having a really bad day,
   And it seems that people are trying to piss me off,
   That it takes 42 muscles to FROWN and only
   4 to extend my arm
   and smack the asshole in the mouth!


Dear whoever is reading this
   Without Mark Fox and Mr P broadcasting on Virgin Radio I suppose I will have to go back to listening to Radio 4 on the internet . . . Aaaaagh!!! Please bring back the brilliant duo - they were the funniest and most entertaining DJs on British Radio.
   Radio needs personalities like Mark Fox and Mr P - Especially internet radio - In my opinion it's a big mistake removing them from Virgin Radio.
   ps - I've listened to the other DJs at Virgin and to tell you the truth you boys and girls at Virgin Radio have just thrown away your golden egg!
      Have a jolly wormy day
      Scott Ligertwood

as a shift worker starting at 3am i stumbled onto your show 'cos all night radio sounded the same....krap!!! but yours.....wowooow some one who bucked the system, and fonda...what a turn on she was.a load of funny moments from your show too many to mention. :( sad to hear of your sacking but they say a true genius is never reckognised till its too late...(did u ever post a
piccy of fonda???)
      hope to hear you soon, somewhere??

Hi Mark
   Devastated I was when my worst fears were confirmed on your official, unofficial website.
   I believe, in this world of cardboard cutout announcers with their inane utterings, you were doing something really different and entertaining. Thank you.
   Your shift started at 12pm in my working day in Sydney and I was singing your praises far and wide. I have signed the petition on your website and will e-mail Virgin directly, however I am confident some more mature radio station will scoop you up and that you will be available via the web at a time less suited to yourself but more suited to my listening hours!
Hopefully the website will keep us informed.
      Kind regards and best of luck.

alrite mark how r u?
   my names samantha and ive got one thing 2 ask you......
   im a big fan of your show and i missed a week when i was in hospital and when i came out you werent on! so wots up there m8?
      luv sam from gillingham
   p.s say hi to mr.p badger and a big hello to yourself!


Hey Mark,
   What happened? Did the "boss" have enough of being called Pig Vomit or did you already know you were going when you launched that appeal to the listeners to email "Pig Vomit" and get you and Jon Holmes to host the breakfast show instead of Daryl Denham?
   You were going to call to schedule another massage or reflexology session, I'm looking forward to stimulating your prostate! Behave! It's a pressure point on your foot! Treat yourself, though, give me a call and I'll do you a treatment to help get you over the shock of being treated so badly by Virgin.
   Anyway, hope to hear you again soon. Good luck at the radio/media jobcentre.
   Regards and best wishes to Steve (Mr. P), tell him to make the most of this (hopefully) short break from 2 jobs (or was it 3?) and get some proper sleep.
      Stay mad and fun,

Dear Mr Fox,

I was deeply saddened by your sudden departure from Virgin Radio and would like to express my condolences. I hope that if Virgin do not come to their senses and reinstate you forthwith, you find yourself a better place where not only the listeners, but the management team, really, truly appreciate your greatness, your wit, and cutting edge broadcasting.

Yours sincerely,


hi mark
   i hope all is well with you and mr p and your respective families (is fonda's surname really cox?). as you are aware there should be a good turn out monday and realistically we both know that you probably wont get back at virgin it will be good to give them a headache. i miss your show and feel robbed coz it was the nuts. all the best for the future and dont change. remember the track i always requested? "something inside so strong" think of it whenever you lose heart coz it gives the morale a bit of a boost like hitler was a bit of a nazi. we'll do our best for you monday and thanks for the laughs.

Hello Mark,
What the heck is going on?
   I cannot understand how or why Virgin could have replaced you & Mr.P. with....? what's his face, Neil Francis, he's shite!!
   To be honest, I've resorted to listening to Classic FM. Which I'm sure you'll agree is protest in itself. The thing is there's nothing else like your show out there! and the nights pass a lot slower since you've been off air.
   I run a management consultancy www.pjkeary.co.uk we offer surveying services to Utilities and local government. We recently started a new contract for Thames Water (for whom we do a lot of work) which involves whizzing around London at night checking jobs that TW did juring the day. Anyway, like all new contracts, I like to do the thing myself to see what's involved before I sublet the work. Thing is (getting to the point) I've enjoyed it so much (largely because of your show) that I'm still doing the nights and managing other business in the afternoon.
   However, if you're not back on air soon, I think I'll have to jack in the nights!
   I just hope Virgin come to their sences soon and reinstate you folks and if not, please let me know what you're up to or what radio station you go to, because even if it's "Jimmy's Stoke Mandeville Hospital FM", I'll be tuning in.
      Regards and good luck

well had a week off of work come back tuned in no mark fox thought you are on leave but to find out you have been sacked what the fuck happen are they pricks at virgin fuck fuck fucking hell just starting to enjoy radio again some thing different some thing better some thing too put a smile on me face some thing to keep me going through the night now back to the same old shit will not be tuning in now they are giving so much money away just to get people to listen not to listen to the djs or music well that somes it up well i am sorry for you please email me or put on your web site when you get on air again.

   I enjoyed your show as it took the boredom out of working nights. I think that your listeners, especially the ones on your site are tops. Can you tell me the name of the woman who used to smoke for you? i think she was called janet, she sounded quite horny.
as for virgin radio, fuck them if they cant take a joke
please say hello to tp Mr. P (Pigs willy oink,oink and badger)
   Mike proctor

   I don't know if you recognise me but I have phoned your show a few times. I just wanted to say thatnk you for the great radio you did and hope to hear you soon again on another station if not Virgin. Just to let you know I have written a petition and feel proud of it I have "copied-and-pasted" it underneath in case you feel like reading it. Before I go, I have a question, are you gonna go to anyother station? Did you receive any other proposals from other stations? If so please let me know.
   Thank you very much.

I was gutted to hear that you had been removed from virgin, and i was just e-mailing to wish you the very best for the future and to say thank you for the best 4 months of radio i have ever heard. Good luck to you and Mr. P, I hope things work out for you both.
   Yours faithfully,

Dear Mark
   I am very sorry about you shack from its wrong and it not right and in fact its not fair ...
   me and netfm.net along with brooksie and the fish are working towards giving you the strength for the fight ahead ...
   i am going to go on the show tonight .....
   i must say i have enjoyed your show with you blend of humour and chat and bullshit .....you are the best thing on that radio station i will protest and not listen to the show untill you are back on the air ...
   i will try and get as many people on to write to you as possible and also brooksie and the fish in person ..
   I hope you keep yourself well and happy and will not give up ............
   From you no .1 fan Nathan aka English Boy

Hi There Mark You Top Bastard,
   We are trying to make room for you in the studio here at NetFM. Is being paid with Jack Daniels still OK?
   On a serious note, we hope things work out for you and keep in touch. If there is anything we can do to help things along, let us know.
      Good Luck
      Brooksie and The Fish

Hi Mark,

   well what can I say. I am completely and utterly devastated about what has happened. It is truly the most ridiculous decision I have ever heard of. You're show IS (not was!!) brilliant fun and great entertainment...something that I looked forward to hearing every night. I have a 9-5 job...and it takes something quite special to keep me awake until 4 in the morning, but that is exactly what your programme is...SPECIAL. Although I needed to sleep...all I wanted to do was listen to you guys. Just a great show, Mark. To be honest your only rivals on the radio are Mark and Lard on radio1...and that is very high praise indeed!

   I can honestly say that I will never listen to Virgin again...and that is a real shame because I do like the mix of music...but I will NEVER listen to them again I am so disgusted. Their treatment of you is just so so bad....you do not deserve it. Indeed, you were by far the best DJ and had the best show, so you would have thought they would be doing everything that they could to keep you. It is complete madness Mark. A big, big mistake by them....it is certainly no bad reflection on you....and I can promise you that your fans are very very loyal and we will follow you wherever you go. I can't believe you're not on tonight. It is such a great show...really Mark I am absolutely gutted. Please get yourself back on somewhere soon......and when you do don't change a thing....One request though, you need to be on a national station, I'm in Manchester - so don't get on anywhere where I can't hear you :-)

   Once again, Mark, thanks for the show. You have brightened up the nights and days of many, many people....and we all appreciate it. Looking forward to hearing you guys very, very soon and battering Virgin in the ratings (won't be hard!!!).

      Best wishes to you...and Mr.P and the gang!!
      Up your flaps!!! :-)

   Hello from Leatherhead.
   'Paul from Leatherhead' here, mark my word, wankers!!!
   What the hell do they think they are doing??
   Great to see that they did not cut your tounge out and tatoo virgin on it for sale in their shop.
   By the way, i got a call from a mate this morning, and twat-boy on the breakfast show was playing a remix of the frank butcher song..........
   He is to blame for me getting drunk all day now!!! C**t!!!
   He has stolen your song... (dont worry, we will get him!!)
   Anyway, good to here that you are still alive,
   keep us informed of whats going on mate.
   Hope You and the bearded terriost are well,


Just a quick note to say "THE BASTARDS!". What the hell is wrong with that company? You and the team were the first guys on a music radio show to make me laugh out loud for a long long time.
I've signed the petition, I've posted on the message board and I'm about to mail the management at Virgin (if they are capable of lifting their knuckles from the floor and reading an email).
Christ on a bike. What a bunch of tossers!
Chin up and hope you are back on air soon.
PS There's always Australia :)

Hey Foxy
   I am absolutely shocked and gutted to hear that you have been sacked from Virgin Radio. I tuned in on 1 o'clock to have a laugh cos you made me laugh and there was some guy called Nick Francis, I can't believe they sacked you. You was the best DJ they had on and I imagine night time listeners was high. You actually gave a bit of comedy aswell as playing music, all the other DJs do not chat at all. I was a loyal listener right from when you had your trial back in October, I loved your show.
   I wish you, MR P, Badger and the rest of your crew the best of luck for whatever you choose to do next.
      Good luck to you the real foxy!!

   Commiserations on getting the sack. Who knows what goes through the tiny little minds of those allegedly in the know? You were undoubtedly the best DJ Virgin had (closely followed by Penky) and now you are no more.
   I guess I won't get a reply to this because hopefully you'll get millions of these e-mails, but I'm expressing my support for you 1000%, I signed your petition and I e-mailed theose ARSES at Virgin. If there's anything else we can do let us know.
   Keep us posted through your website as to where you are going etc., even if I have to erect (oo-er) a 1000 foot aerial I'll listen in wherever you go.
   I'm probably going to get the sack now, as night security I need something stimulating to keep me awake at nights and you were cheaper than prostitutes.
   I'm gonna talk my girlfriend into letting me send you a picture of her titties now, maybe they'll cheer you up, they do me!
      Peace, love and eternal Happiness

   I was a dedicated listener of your show, never quite had the balls to give you a call but was always there listening!!
   I am utterly disgusted at what Virgin have done, your show was the only thing that kept me sane (and nearly got me fired for being late to work every day!!)
   One question though, we're talking about doing a demonstration, show
the people at Virgin how peed off we are, do you think this will get
anywhere? I'm willing to handcuff myself to Neil Francis if I have
to, though I will probably fall asleep as he's such a boring sod.
      Totally, totally gutted.
      Your fan,

   So so so sad to hear you will no longer be on Virgin, why and how they sacked you i don't quite get, but it seems like a really dumb idea.
   I loved listening to you show (in fact i was so sad i used to have conversations about you and your show with my mate).
   Erm? not really sure what to write. i just wanted you to know that everyone will really miss you and to wish you good luck with your future career. I will definatley listen!
   gonna boycott Virgin now, well..... except John Holmes cos he rocks!
   Anyhoo, give my love to Mr P and COME BACK SOMEWHERE SOON!
      Lots of love

Dear Mark,
   Just wanted to send you a message to tell you how great you are and how gutted I am not to hear you on the radio any more. Yours and Jon Holmes' shows were the only things worth listening to not only on virgin, but on radio generally. Your show was fab - it was funny, and the music was totally fab. I loved all of the little songs, and Brussels sprouts rocked!!!
   My best friend Amy is at uni in Lincoln, and I am at uni in London, and we both used to listen to your show every night. it did mean that we used to turn up to our lectures the next morning completely shattered, but it was worth it. I know that she has sent you an e mail too.
   I'm sure that you will be able to get another radio show soon, and wherever you are, we'll be listening.
      take care,
      Lots and lots of love to you all
      Chrissy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
p.s. we are both not listening to Virgin anymore. Am currently listening to nme radio, but it sux ass compared to your show

   U have probably already had loads of correspondance to your e-mail address but felt I had 2 send u this. What the Hell R Virgin all about?! I have made my feelings clear on the message board and signed the petition as well. I had to get an essay for Uni done and stayed up 2 the wee small hrs a couple of weeks before Christmas listin 2 u and Mr P doin what u do best broadcasting a truly great show. That certainly helped me get through that nite along with one or 2 black coffees. The way you let people (including me) phone in completly live 2 Air makes quality radio. Anyway i'm sure if Virgin do not take u back then you will be employed elsewhere very very quickly.I really do hope that we will hear you broadcasting too the million plus listeners worldwide at the same time slot on Virgin.
      Good luck and Best wishes for the future

Hi Mark,
   Firstly I,d like to say how sorry that those wankers, got rid of the only resonable and decent DJ on their station,hope that your missus and kids are helping keep your chin up, I only happened to listen to you on the off chance one night several months ago, and as I work night shift in a hotel in Belgium, you helped keep me awake at nights,at times nearly pissing myself laughing at you and Mr P,s antics. I truely hope, that your back on the air soon, because I miss hearing your voice at night,your a decent bloke,and I,m sure somebody out there will get you back on the air, oh and good luck with your wedding to Paula, I hope that your all happy for lots of years to come.
      Best Wishes
      James (33)
      Anja (32)
      Jamie (2)
      Toby (5)
   By the way I told my kids about you, and the youngest can now say ARSE.
   Take Good Care of Yourself, and best wishes to Mr P, too.

hi mark
   heard you for the first time in december i am a trucker that works nights i am well gutted to hear your news, you were the best thing on night radio . Keep us all posted on were youll be next good luck.

   I cannot believe that virgin have done what they have done. (They're Barclays Bankers for sure).
   I work nites on the road, and they ain't the same without you and Mr P there.
   Would appreciate knowing if you get another slot on a decent station! Would appreciate knowing the frequency of the station be it FM, MW or LW.
   Perhaps you should start up Bearded Arse FM! could be a winner?
   Gotta be better than F'Kin Vir### FM No Can't say it.
   All the best to you my friend in what ever you do.

   I only started listening over christmas, but kinda noticed your originality and got hooked pretty quickly! the night when talk radio were slagging u off have to say was pretty funny on yours and mr p's part :)
   Anyway... good luck with wherever you end up and hope to be hearing you again sooner rather than later

   hey, where'd u go??!!!!!! can u let us all know when u are coming back to virgin, if not, what station ur going to and i'm sure ur fans, like me, will listen to that station instead. virgin are not worth listening to if they dont want u!
   we want u back!!!!!!!!!

Dear Sir,
   I feel compelled to write to you regarding the dismissal of quite frankly one of the most entertaining and original disc jockey's I have heard for a very long time.
   I am appalled at the way Virgin Radio completely ignores the thoughts/views of the listeners it so heavily relies on. Obviously the very time at which Mark Fox was on the air did not generate earth-shattering listener figures, but rest assured after reading some of the messages on Mark Fox's website it would appear that your actions have upset and enraged a considerable amount of listeners, myself included, who feel their loyalty to the station has been ignored and quite rightly are boycotting the station not only during the night but during the day as well. One must also add that it will not only be the direct night-time listeners that are boycotting the station but friends, colleagues and families of these people also.
   On a similar note we are constantly reminded that Virgin is the most popular station on the Internet, well there are also messages from people in Australia, Canada etc - places where Mark Fox was prime time listening, stating their disgust at this decision also.
   It seems that Virgin Radio's Management seem hell bent on alienating it's listeners by removing all the good DJ's like Mark Fox & Steve Penk (who I also feel was treated diabolically by Virgin) and replacing them with non-entities like Neil Francis - who although is a good DJ in his own right - is no comparison to Mark Fox and quite frankly sends me, my colleagues on night-shift and most of the other listeners to sleep!
   It will be interesting to see how this messy situation affects the RAJAR figures for the station, I am hoping the listener figures have dropped significantly for you to realise the mistake you have made.
   I am a relatively new listener to Virgin and enjoy it's music immensely but I feel I cannot listen to a station that does not appear to give a damn about it's DJ's or listeners or who cannot even be bothered to issue a statement on the matter. It is a real shame as the station seemed to be getting things right with respect to music selections and quality DJ's such as Mark Fox, Jon Holmes, Steve Penk, Pete and Geoff and the new golden boy Daryl Denham.
   I do hope you will see sense and take note of the extreme anger and dissatisfaction of your listeners and re-instate Mark Fox and restore my faith in what I and many others consider to be the best radio station in the Country, prove to us that it also is in touch with it's audience and is big enough to admit to making a mistake.
      Ross Bowditch

   Ill send you some pics of Jim sometime. He needs a new woman to replace me (as if there could be another!!!!!!!!!!!!) and definitely a new career opportunity in showbiz. Trust me im a careers advisor. Tata for now. Going to bed. JIms not feeling too good right now so im playing night nurse. Trust me im a partially trained Lifeguard. Welcome to jazz club.....mmmmmm nice. This year ill mostly be wearing beach gear with any luck.

i miss your show

Hello Mark and James!
   I am Dave (The Dog) from Calgary, Canada, who up to this week has been a regular listener to Virgin Radio and specifically to ... Mr. Mark Fox.
   I was quite shocked by the changes at Virgin Radio...some good (Penk out) but obviously some bad (Fox out)!
   Anyway, I figure that since Mr. Fox is a fantastic DJ, we need to do a grassroots listeners movement in order to re-instate him.
   My idea is for folks like me to not only email Virgin (done) and sign the petition (done) but also to keep going. As such, I have enclosed a small (14k) .gif image that we can all put on our web sites to "continue the cause"!
   The link will be to the petition at
   and hopefully all will get things straightened out and Mark will be back to work.
   This is the .gif:

      Let's get Mark back where he belongs!

   Nothing I can say really that hasn't been said and we don't all know.
   But really seems a bit odd axing you and replacing you with the person they did - straight forward music monkey I might have understood more....

Hi Mark
   Just wanted to offer some basic sympathy, Virgin seem to be heading 100mph to obscurity, losing their best DJs and taking the attitude they can keep doing this, wel lI think their wrong, I liked Virgin when Chris Evans was there, sad to see him leave, I liked it a bit when Steve Penk was there...now he's gone, and I loved Virgin when you were there....now your gone. Call me silly but I dont think I like Virgin anymore :(
   You'll have no problems finding another job I'm sure, and when you do your gonna show Virgin just what a stupid dumbass mistake they've made.
      Take care,

hi,i cannot believe virgin have given you the boot.you have given me some of the best laughs i have had while driving through the night(I am a truck driver)i hope that they come to there senses and offer you a grovelling apology,and you are back on air sooner than later.please keep in touch if you can.
      best wishes

So someone called Mark, though not the Mark we know, emailed Paul Jackson to see if we could get any answers this time. And this is the pile of shite that came back:

Dear Mark,
Thank you for your comments, many of which I agree with.
I appreciate your frustrations with Virgin removing your favourite broadcaster. I hired Mark the first time around when I was at Invicta and have worked with him twice since, which proves that I have supported him greatly over the years. I'm afraid there were a variety of reasons which culminated in Mark leaving Virgin. There are strict Radio Authority guidelines and we have to adhere to them and to taste issues, some of which we have fallen fowl of in recent times. We will still aim to be creative with our broadcasting style and hope you will continue to listen to Virgin Radio.
   Many thanks
   Paul Jackson

(editors note) It may be just worth pointing out that according to an official radio authority source that there were never any complaints upheld against Mark on Virgin. Indeed only 1 complaint was ever made about the show and this complaint was not upheld.)

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