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We'll keep you up to date with Mark and what's new on the site!

22nd April 2011
FACT OF THE DAY Posted by Mark Fox
I'm starting a brand new daily feature on the website simply called; Fact of the day.

Here is todays researched in  a Stephen Fry type way and as true as you like fact.

Human semen is actually green.

Another one tomorrow.

2nd April 2011
Jiggery pokery and all that Malarky, Wot? Posted by Mark Fox
Good Morning My Neighbours!

My dogs just trumpped!..Beutteeeeyyy!

Well., I could just go into a lovely, witty, fantastically composed piece of prose which would make you laugh, cry, fart and stuff like that!

However I can't really see the point.

At least twice now I have re updated because there has been a sever issue and at least twice 'cyber' life has shat on me in a cruel way so's that it wipes out about two ( That's 2 ) years worth of updates...
Don't get me wrong! I'm not blaming Webby! ( I cant. I don't pay him!)

Do you know the average person can remember six things..no wait seven things..could be five..I can...oooh Fu*k it!

Look, Point is. I'm still here! Neither Time, fate or a crushing case of syphillis has stopped that!

Currently I'm not on't radio as I've been attempting to write a film ( Couldn't get a gig)

Things may change, however, shortly on that front! ( I'm due to be sentenced next month!)

Meanwhile, I'm appearing in various locations accross the UK ( and in this country!)including as a Russian henchman and a possible pair of goolies in a price comparison ad!

Vi've la france. Long Live the Welsh....and remember everything i've just said has a high chance of being bollox!

Kindest and upem


3rd November 2009
Where the F*%K (Fuck)Have I Been? Posted by Mark Fox
Ooh Hello!

I really have neglected the site haven't I!

I Really must update!

I really will!



We used to be soooo close!What happened? I'll tell you all(3 people)all!

Thanx to Jim for still remembering who I am ! Even I find that difficult sometimes!...and I'm Me!

In all fairness Jim did lose a whole year of updates when the server he was using crashed!Into a parked bus I heard.I've been busy ( ish) much to tell ..so prepare and I'll be round for a chat soon.

So long and thanx for all the fish!



19th May 2008
spunkmunkeys Posted by Mark Fox
Good mornin my neighbours!

hello itsme....sounds like me!

well its been a while....how's it hangin?

life is life and I'm still her justwanted totellyou iwas still alive and Kickin!

I'm a tot ju'swe'sun tot etc

In the words of Barry mannilow

"Hername was what'dyucallit sheliked thingy'

Stay tuned for more disco hits and shit!!!

In the word s of a famous Geeza

" i love stutterin cows"




18th December 2007
Festive greetings...Merry Christmas....and Gooooood Morning my neighbours!!! Posted by Mark Fox

Goooooood morning my neighbours!!!!

It appears that the site has been on holiday for the last few weeks and on its way back through customs the nasty officers confiscated my paps and whatever updates I had done in the last 12 months!!!!Nasty men.I will endeavour to have them returned ASAP! Meanwhile please enjoy your x mas and on behalf of Webby and Paula and Mr p and everyone else who has contributed to making mark-fox.co.uk the number 1 site in my house have a ggreeeattt time!

I;ve got stuff going on at the mo and will tell you all as and when I can. Keep checking back for all the juicy goss......Oooh and who knows I may even get round to doing another pap soon........I may not I dont want to give aeay my hand to soon...;-)

As usual and with great affection



Originality is just being clever at covering your sources!

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