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We'll keep you up to date with Mark and what's new on the site!

6th June 2002
IT'S HERE AT LAST! Posted by James the Webby
The years of pointless waiting are over, you can finally download your very own copy of the Brussel Sprouts song to add to your collection. Get it now from the Sounds Page.
    Mark's sent me a tape... so there'll be more sounds... at some point.

22nd May 2002
GET TO KNOW THE CAST Posted by James the Webby
Hooray we've got some exclusive pictures of Karaoke Nick and Badger, as well as a short story of their lives. GO LOOK NOW. It's on The Cast page.
    There'll be plenty of updates soon... we're just... collecting stuff.

29th April 2002
DEMO TAPES! Posted by James the Webby
Have a listeny to 3 of Mark Fox's demo tapes
    To get your hands on more soundy goodness, go to the sounds page!!!

16th April 2002
WOW LOTS OF SOUNDS! Posted by James the Webby
Any of you who have been waiting for sounds of the wonderful Mark Fox show, the wait is finally over, you can now download 23 exclusive sounds from the show on 17/01/2002, and don't worry if that isn't enough, I'll be getting more as soon as possible, at least 3 more shows worth!
    To get your hands on all the soundy goodness, go to the sounds page!!!

14th April 2002
WE HAVE A REAL BIOG! Posted by James the Webby
Hooray we finally have a real biography of Mark's exciting life on the radio... and you can go and read it... by clicking the word and... AND.

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