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24th December 2005
Just listen to the rhythm of my heart.....! Posted by James the Webby
Good Tidings my neighbour......!

There now follows an open letter to Kevin Palmer, the big cheese at' Cap Rad' and highly respected in the Fox household...;

Dear Kev..( good start , me thinks..!)

Well, it's been a strange year in the Fox household.  Not only has my main man Jezza whom I have written for since '98 and more recently produced and inspired on Londons 95.8 Capital Radio (Always was the best name for it ) had a 'pukka' year,  but also my protege , my brother , my peer, young Allan Lake has managed in a very short time to have himself recognised as a great potential in the industry and although major credit must be given to Allan, I wouldn't be an oversized egotistical, fat bastard if I didn't take a bit of credit for it!

I'm aware, although not sure why I have a reputation  in the industry , of being a bit....well...different..and  because of that for some reason unsafe, or a bit of a 'loose cannon'.  I know I am not the same as all the others and I have something different to say because I see things , perhaps in a diferent way ,with a different slant.  I thought it would actually be a positive when I first started in this ' business' ...but it's been a bit of a curse, to be honest!

Anyway , it's not my intention to get all 'Simon Batsey' and I'm certainly not looking for any sympathy vote (Didn't do a lot for Gareth Gates)

My slimmer of the year award goes to Jack Osborne....Well done Jack...!...you ex-fat twat..!

Anyway , about me being good...I am....so can I have a job, Please.......

Ta and all that. Truely yours , hit me back. for just a chat. Your biggest fan . Stan.!!


...Well , that should  do it........I'll let you know how I get on.....!

Other than that. Thanks to all the usual people - Steve the graphic monkey, Jim the part-time webby, Mr.P. my bestest mate and all of you who remain with the Faith Much love to my man Allan who graces the Capital Radio airwaves this Xmas. http://www.capitalfm.co.uk/scheduleweek.asp.

All going well and 'our' e-mail reaching Kev at the right moment, who knows, next year could see me back where I belong......In a studio , talkin shite!

I've produced two people this year , ( For free before the Mr 'official head' starts bothering me) and both have done quite well thank you very much.

Maybe next year I'll get another shot at the 15 minute thing!.....If not watch out for Lakey...he's Goin places...and I'll be biting his coat tails

'And here it is , Merry Christmas , everybody's having fun..;'

I asked my daughter what she wanted for Christmas and she said  "To give a mayfly a mouth" ..From the mouths of babes , hey...?

Be cool...and here's a couple of festive inspirations..




I'm not bothered ..Am I bothered? .........How very dare you.....

OOOh I'll have that 'West Side Story  DVD' ....!

Happy Christmas.

Much love

Mark Fox. 2005.

Facite vobis somne et ripsae....or somat about making your dreams reality...

...and like that...he's gone....!

17th November 2005
URGENT INFORMATION Posted by James the Webby
Center for Disease Control has released a list of
symptoms of bird flu.  If you experience any of the
following, please seek medical treatment immediately:

1.  High fever
2.  Congestion
3.  Nausea
4.  Fatigue
5.  Aching in the joints
6.  An irresistible urge to shit on somebody's windshield

16th September 2005
I'm politically Correct. You're a spaz! Posted by Mark Fox
OOh Hello!

Tis only me. Checking in and using a new bit of kit that Jim is experimenting with which should allow me to do this update from the comfort of ......anywhere...even the moon and parts of Balham!I do love computers (even when they go down on me! ;-))

Haven't got a job yet but hey...as I always say " You can't hurry things"...well I  don't literally always say it as that would be spooky and a waste of tax payers money but......YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!

Sorry I'm a bit manic at the mo but I've had to sit in an office earlier today and explain to a complete stranger why i feel the need to go out at night.........Don't get me started..but I'm not fibbin.....that's what I spent my afternoon doing.....i mean really...you get one picture of you shown on crimewatch and suddenly you're public enemy No 1. ;-)....

.....A couple of years ago Mr P got married without telling anyone...including me which caused a problem as I was supposed to be best man!
Consequently a best mans speech was never delivered. I've finally finished it...Do you mind if i..?      Cheers!


...It's a work in progress..I'll let you know when I've done a bit more!

The main reason I don't like the new sculpture in Trafalgar Square is because IMHO it's shite!...No offence Alison but.....if you think that's art!...Well..Get a Grip!;-)1

Gripper....There's a good name for a builder.Anyway where was I...that's right I was here , I haven't moved!

I've had a great lump of positive feedback from the Century P.C. boys. NO GIGS!! but lovely feedback from both Owen Ryan In Newcastle and Dave the rave Shearer In Funky Manchester. Indeed,...and I don't want to upset him, I feel I should reproduce his e mail (Daves) as in this world of P.C.'s who ignore you constantly and only e mail you to tell you that there to busy to listen ..even when you're thinkin that they could have spent the same time they spent writing that e mail listening to your demo...(DON'T GET ME STARTED)both Owen and Dave are a credit to there stations. Now apparently I'm to 'Non regional' for Newcastle. I can respect that (although I don't necessarilly....necesser....necccesde..... agree..(Humours humour and I can talk shite to the vocals in any country/region....even Newcastle and probably even far flung exotic places like scotland! !!)

So...and I hope he doesn't mind this..Daves e mail:

'(Hi Mark,

Thanks for the note-the demo arrived today as well.I enjoyed listening to it.
I do remember you from both TalkSport and Virgin Radio.
We've just taken on someone to do holiday cover in the last few weeks so
there's nothing here at the moment I'm afraid.
I'm not sure how flexible you are when it comes to moving-but I will gladly
pass on your details to other PD's who often ask if I know of anyone who wants
a move.
It might be worth contacting %&^$ FM in *%^$*& -( Get your own leads! - M.) as their mid morning jock is
moving on to be a PD elsewhere in the group.
I've been in the situation where there's been no work around, or you feel the
need to move on-and sometimes you just need a little helping hand from someone
who can point you in the right direction.
Feel free to call me if there's anything else I can help with.



NOW doesn't that make you want to just hug the man!? Take note all you others who have still not responded to me...(in strong germanic accent)  " One day I vill rool da vurrld"!....(Dave , If you don't want me putting this e mail up just e mail me and I'll panic as I have no idea how to delete anything..Indeed I don't even think Jim has awarded me that power......i mean, why would i need Jim then;-0

I'll let you know how the job search continues.

Jezza said that I can do his TV show when he's away on holiday......Or at least he did in a dream I had last night...

In my priceless (Free) role as Allan lakes 'executive producer' of 'In on the lake' I have been ordered to the Leicester Sq studios next friday night to meet CLEa ( sexy girl band) and get drunk live on kiddys radio whilst playing old Pat sharp jingles


So , If you're in the neoghbourhood I could maybe talk to you next friday night on Cap Disney!

Other than that I'm off to demand a full and frank apology from the animals


god bless em , though...and you to.

Look after yourself....aaaaaanndd each other.

Jerry springer/Me.

Sorry about ony spilin mistooks but I'm to trired to run a fojkin spoll chicker.

P.S. My dog Dave Is in this months TV hits..........and aparently so is Allan Lake.


17th June 2005
Is that me over there? Posted by Mark Fox
good morning my neighbours!

Just a quickie.........

ta da!


No wait..! theres a bit more......or that would be childish although slightly funny!

I hope everyone is having a good summer and have done the important things like ' get the booze in' and , fellas, pickin the nicest MILF from the Dove advert! ;-) ( british gag and not that amusing)

Talkin of funny...funniest thing I've heard in along time is.....well it's not a joke it's the lift in the Capital Radio (Now known as G-cap). As i think I've told you I find myself as 'The executive producer' of Allan lakes Capital Disney fiasco 'In on the lake'. It's entirely voluntary ..but the hours  are good;-)!Well.......i was going from the second floor (Allans studio at Cap DiZ) to the third floor (Capital FM studio 1) to see Jezza( more in a mo)(theres a lot of brackets in this).The lift is normal in everyway except that when you get in you are addressed by the voice of Johnny Vaughn (used to be Chris tarrant.....but times they are achangin!) telling you the floor and then announcing, in a bright good morning way, that you are either; " Going up"! ...Or  "Going Down"      Or " Not going anywhere!" as the case may be.!.....You really had to be there I suppose!

my reason for clogging up your, inbox other than because I can ,is to tell you all that next week , indeed from Monday night thru till thursday night, I will be producing and apparently making the odd comment ;-) on Jezzas 'Capital Confessions' on Londons 95,8 Capital FM (love just writing that.......let me do it again....95.8 capital FM London!Jezas confessions , as I'm sure you know is on from 10pm till 1am and is available on ...the Radio or posh alternatives!

By the way This Jezza is not the same Jezza we used to take the micky out of ( and , Indeed still do on the surgery page. No ! This is a completely different Jezza and that , my friend is just a strange and slightly macabre coincidence....Honest ;-0

Here, before I go is somat for the boys


And....for the lasses........

http://www.bobgeldofgetsfruity.com ( may be down for structual work)

Apparently Jim says he may update the site too .....Is it X mas?

E mail or bell me at Jezzas next week!


30th September 2004
The Noise demo is here! Posted by James the Webby
Yup, yup... Well, the subject about says it all, Mark's made up a demo from his time at the Noise, and... You can get it now! From the sounds page!

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