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We'll keep you up to date with Mark and what's new on the site!

29th January 2002
MARK HAS MADE HIS STATEMENT Posted by James the Webby
Mark has made his statement to the people. So go read it now!

28th January 2002
WE'VE SET UP A PETITION! Posted by James the Webby
Although it hasn't been completely confirmed that mark isn't going to be offered another show, I still think it's worth starting a petition to get Mark back where he belongs! Doing the night shows with Mr. P!
    Get onto that petition page and sign it like you mean it!!!

    MARK FOX NO LONGER AT VIRGIN (or so it seems)
    Well what a crappy way to celebrate the new look site. It appears Mark Fox hasn't been fired, just removed from Virgin Radio. While reorganising the Virgin Radio timetable, they've cut down on DJs. And particularly the good ones, like Mark Fox and Steve Penk (although I prefer Daryl Denham I'm trying to make a point here!!) Mark having only worked there for 4 months, and Steve for 7.
    None of this has been confirmed yet but it seems Mark Fox, much like Steve Penk, has been removed from Virgin Radio altogether. And I for one think the program director has made completely the wrong choice. I think he is the best DJ on Virgin Radio and I'm sure you all agree!
    For the time being Mark has been replaced by the so-called "Neil Francis"... WHAT SORT OF A NAME IS THAT?! IT'S NOTHING COMPARED TO MARK FOX!!!
    I'll keep the site going to keep you all informed of what's going on. Come back to this page for the latest updates.
    We'll get him back! I don't know how, but we will!
    Make your stand on the < href="http://groups.msn.com/themarkfoxcommunity/">message board right now!

    Since Mark said that a professional company had offered to do the site I decided it needed to look a bit better. So here it is. Just one problem is the fact that the message board and shop (which is real) have to pop up in separate windows. What do you think of the new look? Go tell me on the message board!

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