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We'll keep you up to date with Mark and what's new on the site!

8th February 2003
NEW LOOK PHOTO ALBUM! Posted by James the Webby
So let me tell you a story.
    Steve sent me a new picture, the Pop Idle one to the left, there... So when I come to put it on the site, I realise it takes me faaaar too long to do a simple thing like add a picture to the site.
    Long story short, I went on an adventure to find a way of making it easier to add pictures, and I found one. And you can see the results in the photo album now!
    And if you don't like it, I don't particularly care because it's easier to update!

17th January 2003
2 NEW SOUNDS! Posted by James the Webby
No, your eyes aren't on fire, 2 new sounds to end your perfect week.
    By special request of Mark himself, I've put up 2 of his favourite wind-ups from back in those ol' Millennium and Invicta days.
    Go to the Sounds page to hear them now!

    Oh and, I finally got round to moving the site over to Dreamweaver so, if you spot anything that doesn't work, tell me!

13th January 2003
AN UPDATE OF SOME SORT Posted by James the Webby
Alright, so Mark calls me up, he does... and he says, "Oi Jim, I daan't kner 'baat yer, but aah think it's baen 'whaal since y'updert'd t' e merls." So I said, "Yeah, you're probably right." He sent me some Emails he'd recieved, I put them on the site.
    Go to the Emails page to feel the love.

6th January 2003
HAPPY NEW YEAR, YOU LOT! Posted by James the Webby
What did I say on my last post? I said there'd be more photos than you could wave a stick at (if you don't believe me, look down). And, to bring in the New Year, 6 days late, here they are! Some wonderful photos of Mr Mark Fox doing what he does best at Invicta FM.
    Have a look now, if you've ever wondered what Mark looks like outside of his 2 Virgin photos, they're in the Photo Album.

23rd December 2002
IT'S CHRIIIIIIISTMAAAAAAAS!!!! Posted by James the Webby
Just to wish everybody a very merry Christmas and Mark and Badger hope to see you all down at the old bull and bush... or failing that the 'Stupid Cow' in Lewisham tomorrow night (Christmas Eve) for fun and boll- I mean frolicks!
    Be there or another Clash member gets it.
    Thanks, god bless and upyourflaps.
    Oh and, coming soon... More photos than you can wave a stick at. Keep your face
        --> HERE <--

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