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Welcome to the Mark Fox sound archive!
You can stream any sounds online by clicking the links, but if you want to save them, right click the link and select "Save Target As..." or something along those lines.
Demo Tapes
Voiceover Demo (Download) 2:59
Invicta (Download) 4:32
Millennium (Download) 4:33
Virgin Radio (Download) 5:09
The Noise (Download) 4:29
Coast 103.2 Dubai (Download) 4:02
Podcast Opening Music 0:34
The Brussel Sprouts Song 2:59
Who Put The Dick On the Snowman (Christmas classic!) 1:05
My Wife Left Town With A Banana 1:27
My Name Is... Frank Butcher 1:57
Fish Heads 2:26
The Weakest Link / Mrs Robinson 2:47
Swedish Song 1:02
Links & Jingles
Cheryl Baker 0:06
American Bloke 0:04
Andy, Till The Cows Come Home 0:04
Mark Fox Has Got A Big One... Version 1 0:28
Mark Fox Has Got A Big One... Version 2 0:28
The Meaning Of Misery 0:39
Howard Jones 0:06
Laughing Woman 0:13
When I'm Feeling Miserable... 0:14
Mark Fox Poem 1 0:25
Mark Fox Poem 2 0:28
Steps 0:07
Fetish Links - Ben Jones 0:12
Fetish Links - Curly Hair 0:14
Fetish Links - Hi All You Horny Guys Out There 0:02
Fetish Links - Sexual Healing 0:04
Fetish Links - I'll Find My Way Home (?) 0:11
Fetish Links - Simple Minds 0:12
Fetish Links - Keep Your Legs Together 0:01
Fetish Links - What She Likes 0:10
Fetish Links - Chocolate Spread 0:04
Fetish Links - Sex Toys 0:13
Fetish Links - It Warms Up 0:04
Sounds from Coast 103.8
July 2008. Coast Radio Drive with Mark and Surina (biscuit thief) Kelly 22:21
Sounds from Capital Disney
'In on the Lake' Opener 1:00
Sounds from The Noise
Some Of The Best Bits 5:38
The Little... Swearing Mishap 7:42
Sounds from Virgin
Mark calls TalkSport's Charlie Wolf 16:38
Mr P's Pig-Like Penis 1:23
The New 2:26
Not Ready Yet 0:14
Rosie 0:52
Rosie Again 0:11
Waffles 0:48
Mark reads James the Webby's courgette poem (pretty low quality) 0:41
Mr. P Apologises to James the Webby 0:21
Good Morning My Neighbours!!! 0:02
Don't Press The Button 0:09
I Am The God Of Breaking Things 0:08
Executive Toys For Murderers 0:21
No Repeat Listener Thursday Morning 0:44
Mark Likes To Talk About This Site - Part 1 1:48
Mark Likes To Talk About This Site - Part 2 1:49
Mr P Bribes Mark 0:56
Mark Tells Mr P Why He Would Never Resort To Bribing 0:57
Adam Antitis 1:04
Mr P And Jon Holmes' Race 4:24
Mr P Adding Something To His Contract 0:23
Sue Mr P 0:07
Mr P Takes The Piss 0:11
The Kill Button 0:10
Stop It! 0:02
Phone Call To Fonda Cox 2:36
End Of The Show 0:04
Sounds from Millennium
Various clips from Millennium 13:26
Sounds from Invicta
Mark in The Flying Eye on Morning Zoo 2:39
The AA 0:20
Howard Stern 1:01
British Heritage Fan Club 0:14
A Few Calls 0:22
Oasis Punch-Up 1:14
Recover Your Soul 0:07
Simply The Best 1:12
All... Snts 0:47
Bohemian Rhapsody 2:00
Gary Barlow 0:21
Capital Radio Helpline 0:10
McDonalds 0:26
Sell Fridges 0:08