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We'll keep you up to date with Mark and what's new on the site!

5th January 2014
Happy Fu*kin New year...now fuck off! Posted by Mark Fox
Good Morning my neighbours!

Well, what a year it' already been! only just gone January and already I'm looking ahead to February!

'Why?' I hear you cry.

'Mind your own fuckin business!' I comically retort

We continue to banter   etc.....

Seriously though, I do hope you had a good X mas and you get what you deserve( Ooh you're gonna get it alright!)in the next 12 months!

If you weren't aware and why would you be, Pap 12: The Last ever Pap ( There is a God!)( Or is there....I mean I'm not here to..er....why am I here?

Anyway ( Brackets for no purpose) Do have a listen to it. It was recorded Live and streamed from my website originally on the 20th Dec 2013 at ten PM( I remember it like it were just a few weeks ago) and contains healthy,happy listening for all the family!* ()
Those brackets above are a  late Xmas gift from me to you!

Use them wisely and have a lot of fun with them!


I've got my finger in a few pies at the moment! ( I'll probably not be allowed back into this branch of Greggs again!) and may have some good new on the Radio front shortly ; or at least before one of us dies!

Look Mum I've used a Semi-colon ( She'd be so proud if she were sober enough to know who I was!)

I'm off like a bag of Prawns in a heatwave, a  Brides Nightie etc...

You can reach me through my FB site of which there is a link to somewhere!

If you message me first to add let me know you've come through the site and you'll receive a free extra 20% of my friendship over the first year ;-)

Thanks for caring

Now do one you cu*t!


..and like that, he's gone.....


* If your family like listening to the word fu*k and co*k and cu*t ( Fuck, cock cunt)

20th December 2013
PAP 12; TONIGHT at TEN! Posted by Mark Fox
QUICK UPDATE to quick update!
I meant 'SHIT' not 'SHOT' you Cints!

20th December 2013
PAP 12; TONIGHT at TEN! Posted by Mark Fox

Shot! I forgot my last update stated the 12th and final Pap is on Xmas eve!
I was talking out of my arse!
It's actually TONIGHT! 20th DEC 2013. From 10pm from http://podcast.mark-fox.co.uk/

I know it's late notice but do try and join us
A phone number will be given out for you to join us on air for a quick chat if you want!

In other new

Happy fuckin Xmas!

See you at 10pm TONIGHT!



5th November 2013
You got a very Funny - face to hate with Posted by Mark Fox
Pap 10;the second in the trilogy of four that will round up the Mark fox Papcasts and culminating with a LIVE 12th Papcast on Christmas eve, streamed from my site; is available from, my site, or Itunes. It pays tribute to amongst others,Funny Face lollies and how they remind mark of a hatee face even though he loves em.USB-ports, WTF is universal about em?DFS and the lads unrivalled admiration for their selfless dedication to the 'Delivered before Christmas' promise,and much, much less.
It features The chestlesss Bugle and Mark/ I, if you will, ranting on worthlessly about shit of which we know at best very little and CONTAINS A FU*K LOAD OF SWEARING,( mostly totally unnecessary!)

If you only listen to one 'Pap/podcast' this year...try the best of Keith Floyd or something about cheese.



4th May 2013
Pap 8: What kinda cheese is that? AVAILABLE NOW! Posted by Mark Fox
yes, Pap 8 may have taken as long as the follow up to Hot Fuzz did in coming along but it's as good as 'The Worlds end' in a different incomparable but I compared em anyway - type..er way!
Once Again The Chestless Bugle and moi!( That's French for Moi!) have(dis) graced the airwaves with their take on 'what's occuring?' (but not in a Welsh way!)
after six years apart, what have the boys been up to? What's this about an Academy Award and stuff? and what Kinda cheese is that, anyway?
He may have walked back into our lives but can we let him take over and IF WE DO will it be beautiful?
Let's just say someone somewhere will get kissed all over and it cou........
ooh just listen to it...it's Pap!

I'm really sorry I had the penis extension done now;the rest of the house just looks ridiculous in comparison!

Go Compare!


Do one!



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