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We'll keep you up to date with Mark and what's new on the site!

24th November 2002
MARK FOX... IN A PUB? Posted by James the Webby
Well, that makes a change... but this time he's doing something other than getting pissed off his arse! (Replace 'other' with 'as well as')
    Mark Fox has got himself a couple of gigs at The Spotted Cow in Lewisham (is that pronounced Lewis-ham or Lewi-sham, I just don't know.) No, it's not radio, but if you want to meet the man himself, you can do just that this Christmas Eve and New Years Eve at this 'spit 'n sawdust 'come as u r' east end right knees-up cockney bit of a laff establishment' as Mark puts it. Click here for more details.

And some other updates while we're here, watch Steve's latest production, Jaw of The Worlds, and some of his new pics are down the sides of this page or in the Photo Album.

15th November 2002
THIS WEEK'S UPDATE Posted by James the Webby
Far from being the regular 6 new sounds that you've grown to know and love over the last 2 weeks, this week you can enjoy the sights and sounds of Steve's latest 2 creations, a quick Mark Fox comic strip and the fantastic new Brussel Sprout Song Video!!
    You can see them now by clicking the links above, or visiting the newly named Fun page!
    And I suggest you do that, right now.

8th November 2002
6 MORE NEW SOUNDS! Posted by James the Webby
Six brand new sounds! Newer than the world's ever seen! And I'll probably go on doing 6 new sounds a week until I run out of tapes. Once again they're shoved on the Sounds Page.

1st November 2002
6 NEW SOUNDS! Posted by James the Webby
Well... it's better than nothing, isn't it? They're on the Sounds Page, and a couple more new pics in the Photo Album.

30th October 2002
QUICK UPDATE Posted by James the Webby
Can you believe it's almost November already? Madness...
    Just a quick update to tell you, only you, no one else, if anyone else is reading this at the same time as you tell them to go a way and read it later... that some, at least some, Invicta sounds are coming very shortly! I mean next few days shortly, not next year shortly...
    Also! Look at some of Steve's workings, he does more for this site than me now... He's made some new pictures for the Photo Album, the Dressup Mark Fox game, and the fantastical new Mr P Game, go look at them all! NOW!!!
    New sounds soon, check back then!

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