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30th October 2002
QUICK UPDATE Posted by James the Webby
Can you believe it's almost November already? Madness...
    Just a quick update to tell you, only you, no one else, if anyone else is reading this at the same time as you tell them to go a way and read it later... that some, at least some, Invicta sounds are coming very shortly! I mean next few days shortly, not next year shortly...
    Also! Look at some of Steve's workings, he does more for this site than me now... He's made some new pictures for the Photo Album, the Dressup Mark Fox game, and the fantastical new Mr P Game, go look at them all! NOW!!!
    New sounds soon, check back then!

3rd October 2002
A MESSAGE FROM MARK! Posted by James the Webby
Good mornin my neighbours!!!!
    Well what a week I've had........Just in case you didn't know!!( are you blind?) I had my first gig on TalkSport UK last Saturday. Yes! I know I don't know anything about sport, I was just instructed to yak cak for three hours. I must say the response has been mostly positive with only a few people (I won't name them, Lisa and my brother Paul!!) who thought I'd gone incredibly serious and sane!!!! NEVER!
    The deal was that because my humorous side is self evident to anyone who knows or listens to me for more than 12 seconds that 'the big boys' upstairs wanted to see if I could be slightly more serious and with 'Gravitas' I think I managed to prove that and so hopefully will be given another shot in the near future where I can be a bit more light hearted.
    Please don't think I have gone terminally serious as that is , I'm afraid, probably not possible for me but sometimes needs must. For those of you who actually enjoyed the show regardless....Ta very much!
I'll leave the final few words to Webby who text me in the week with the following message;
"Good show mark. A bit serious for my liking But the bit where you wound up all the wrestling fans was f$&ing funny."
    I'd have to agree with that.
    Keep the faith.

28th September 2002
MARK FOX ON AIR TONIGHT! Posted by James the Webby
Don't forget Mark Fox is on TalkSport tonight! Look below for the full details.
    In site news, we're closing down the community, and opening The Mark Fox Forum! You will have to sign up to the new forum to continue receiving Mark Fox updates by email. It's fast and simple so it's not all that bad, is it?
    But don't forget! Mark Fox on TalkSport from 10PM tonight!

23rd September 2002
MARK FOX IS ON AIR AGAIN! Posted by James the Webby
And this time everyone can listen!
    Well, they say good things come in threes and that could very well be true if two things have already happened to you today and you like the bit we're going to tell you now! Well the 'bitch is back' after extensive talks which lasted all of 10 minutes this morning, and relentless negotiation (see previous 10 minutes), the nation has secured the services, for one night only at the moment, of the great late night radio guru Mark Fox this Saturday from 10pm 'til 1am on TalkSport UK 1053/1089 (It's just Ian Collins wanting a night off and no one else available, well, certainly not this cheap.)
    TalkSport is available all over the UK on 1053/1089am, as well as the Digital1 Network and, yes, here's the good bit, all over the world online at www.talksport.net!
    To celebrate you are invited to attend the chat room on Friday night after 10pm for beer and a pillow fight! And again on for a very special Saturday night chat during the show! Let the good times roll again!
    And in case you haven't heard enough already, you can click here for the full details!
    Oooh! And they said he could play a few songs too!
And in other news, The Mark Fox Game has been updated! And for anyone who hasn't done so yet, click the fox at the bottom of the menu for Foxy's Surgery.

4th September 2002
LOTS OF SOUNDS! Posted by James the Webby
Well something must have battered me mercilessly round the face with the baseball bat of inspiration because I've just done 24, yes count them, 24 new sounds! Including the Weakest Link song, that song with the Swedish sounding bloke singing really fast, and a lot of the links from the show. They're all up now so go and listen! As always they're on the sounds page.

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