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Mark Fox
Undoubtedly the greatest man on radio
But there's much too much to say about the man himself here, so click his picture for some information.

Mr. P
Mr. P's real name is very difficult to pronounce as he is half human, half engineer. He found his way into radio by complete accident, but unlike many accidents this one was to have dire consequences, one of them being that people would actually hear this bony arsed 'jack of all trades'.
He hooked up with mark fox when they met at a "beards anonymous" meeting. They have since spent time sharing the same cell in Belmarsh top security prison.
Mr. P's hobbies include starting things, basic running around like a blue arse fly and not sleeping. He has two wives. Fonda Cox.
Long before the invention of radio, young badger spent his days on the Algarve teaching sharks to yodel in French. After a brief career change in the eighties when he became the stuttering long side-burned singer of a popular beet combo, he turned once again to the first love of his life. Making shite cakes and not brushing his teeth. His interest in radio is purely sexual and he is survived by just about everyone

Karaoke Nick
Karaoke nick or Nick the Greek as he was christened comes from a long line of circus performers, his father was a professional ferret juggler and his mother sold advertising space for lemons.
On his 15th birthday a chance visit to the British science museum led to Nick being drawn into radio. The exhibit showed the face of David 'kid' Jensen being read to in secret. It was at this very moment that Nick realised he was 'a bit Jewish
As well as working with Mark, Nick tours the country performing his own one man play entitled 'Not now vicar, the scabs will never heal!'
He has no legs but quite a long body
Paula, otherwise known as 'the other half' first met Mark when she was his dinner lady at the Holy Triplicate Church of Ian Dury in the early eighties. She has since worked with Mark on various projects including chief stoodge and lady friend on Millennium's 'Breakfast Express'. Together they have two beautiful children and three others that look nasty! Her hobbies include abstinence and chin growing.
She, like sue, has a fat arse.
Colonel Bertie
Colonel Bertie or Colonel Bertie as he sometimes liked to be called completes the cast and is primarily the man responsible for stealing....sampling ...borrowing and tributing the music (well there's Curtis as well but that's a different story!) For many years before his unexplained disappearance, which is unexplained he organised the music for many of Marks shows, wrote countless playlists (that Mark mostly ignored) and was indeed responsible for the weekend music on the early Virgin shows including seven hours of 'shine on u crazy couch potato' until the Head of music found him hiding under the stairs.
His hobbies include smelling like a horse and invading small countries.
He is married with no idea.

And it's all true