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14th April 2006
Jizm factory explodes! Man covered In love Glue! Posted by Mark Fox
POD 2 Is Up!



24th February 2006
Sylvias mother AKA POD 2!!! Posted by James the Webby
..Good neighbour my morning's

Just to let you know that due to an unexpected interest in a fat man talkin bolox there will be a second podcast recorded next week and available from next friday 03/02/06.....

So , if you haven't already and in an effort to keep up,Download and listen to the first one and prepare your souls ..(My souls...Are souls....!) for the follow up , sequel  thingymawotsitz!!

Remember your a womble

Facite vobis somne et ripsae

Sorry you cant park there , vicar!

Kindest but confused with big numbers..



12th February 2006
Isn't this posting suspiciously like the one on my community with a different title..? Posted by Mark Fox
Good Morning my neighbours....!

Just a quick one........Aaahh that's better... Now , where was I..? I was here......I haven't moved

Anewae Mi spolligs gittge botter....Who Likes lemon curd..? I do.Quick , think of a number, add 19....- 11.......square it's root and find that prime number........half that and subtract  2.......was it     574562/86*(^  ?....No.?.Shite.!I'll work on that......

As you probably don't know and don'care I'll let you in on the great news that I am pregnant with my forth child....No, No that's not it......The 'Papcast'..Yes the Long awaited ( Oooh come on ,  go with me on this....) Much Debated  ( no mass   jokes here , please) It's Free ( so 's if you think its shit you can't really complain) It's easily accessed via either my website or,better  stilll I   tunes ( They've probably embraced the technology side slightly more than our 'webby.....bless him..) Also they'll keep a count and let that 'Gervais ' fella know if he's got anything to worry about in the download numbers stakes.......( ALREADY WE'VE HAD UPWARDS OF 4 DOWNLOADS!!!)

If you have a problem downloading it then get another fu*^in P.C......I mean...PLEASE , PLEASE Try again and let us know what you think of the 'Cast' by emailing me via my website and who knows you could feature in the next one if we think its funny and read it out.....Or indeed you are the only person who bothers  to e mail...!

Thanks to all those who made it possible , Including My dear Paula, Mr.P.,Edwina Hayes www.edwinahayes.com  Allan lake for his technical brilliance and unique production skills and You , my friends......For Downloading and listening to this monument to pap.! ( notice full stop AND exclamation mark , there!)

If you have a question for the next 'Cast' which will be in the next few weeks, then please e mail me in the usual way ( helps if you're online and own a P.C.!).....Wow , Look at the time , I have to walk Dave the dog as his little doggy guts aren't doing all that good on the shite we're curently feeding him!..I'd change his diet but the look on his face when he drops his load is priceless....

Talking of which....and unlike Dave the dog , I feel the need to go.....

Oooh Must mention my new 'MYSPACE' site...You can get to see it Via the 'Papcast page' on the site. I'm very proud to say I'm learning basic HTML coding which I hope will help me through the long winter evenings....that and the horse tranquillizer pills.!

I'm off to try and find a decent piccy of me and Mr. P for 'Myspace' as I just can't get enough of these slideshow piccy malarky things..........Mind you...a decent piccy of us both might be a bit much to hope for.......For some strange reason I tend to look 'Chunky' in my recent pics..(Last 10 years)...and Mr.p's got a beard.....


Don't forget to listen

Don't forget to write





25th January 2006
Flakmahagwa! Posted by James the Webby
....It's only me.........again!

New date for Podcast so it will give you a chance to get those e mails in

Tues 7th Feb. So that gives you ALL enough time to get one in ..so to speak!!!

Don't forget..You could win an I pod shuffle...although odds are strictly against you........

Thanx to all those ( 3) who have e mailed so far...(really..thanx) Now PULL YOUR F*^KIN FINGERS OUT!...PLEASE!

7th feb then. E mail now.

Ta for that!

Bye Bye.




24th January 2006
Be part of my 'Cast'!! Posted by Mark Fox
Good tidings my neighbour,

One hopes, in a regal and very real sense, that you are all well and shiv like that!As you know it's been a fu&^in long time past since I have been in my own right on the Boogie box, and with that in mind and to that end and....in a very real sense I would(and hopefully so would you) like to put that right........So please send whatever you can afford to me at....... No I'm only joshing.....Here's what I really need you to do for me.

Tomorrow night I shall be trotting off to a studio in central London to record my very first 'Podcast' which will then be submitted to I - Tunes and hung on my website for you to download and play on your mp3 players , I pods etc.. I have lined up a few celebrity guests and to hit the ground running, I would ask you to do me a favour and  e-mail me a question or comment about ..well me, Mark Fox! You know the stuff....Why haven't you been on the radio for ages..? How's your mum? What colour are your pants?...ANYTHING! The best will be read out 'on air' and the very best will win an I pod Shuffle and be featured live on the phone where ever you are in the world on the second Podcast....REMEMBER my fiends ( sic) the funnier, the more abstract the question, the better chance of it making it on the 'cast' You know me and my style.........The other thing is....DO IT NOW! (In a Steve Penk voice) It's tomorrow so we need the e-mails now......

Wish me luck and send all your questions, queries, suggestions to the usual e-mail addy  m.maf.fox@talk21.com

Broadcasting could be great again.........So as Captain Bald Picard once said " make it so"...or somat...I've got a wife and a life of sorts so I tend not to watch to much Star Trek

Look at the time

Must dash!

Look forward to your e-mails...Don't fail me now...!!

In a very real sense...UPYOURFLAPS!

M. xx

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