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We'll keep you up to date with Mark and what's new on the site!

1st September 2002
GENERAL UPDATE Posted by James the Webby
With all the problems currently in this wonderful but debauched world that we live in, we at the Mark-Fox.co.uk wondered what we could do to help our fellow human beings and travellers along the highway of life. To which end we've fiddled around with the virgin demo a bit!! We sincerely hope this helps towards the inevitable global destruction that surely must be near!
    Enjoy the tape. It's on the sounds page. And there's more sounds coming soon! I have the tapes... let's hope we all live long enough!!

22nd August 2002
GENERAL UPDATE Posted by James the Webby
Just a quick post to tell you that we've got some brand new exclusive Mark Fox piccies coming within the next week...  

5th August 2002
WEBSITE DOWNTIME Posted by James the Webby
Haha... yes... downtime... that's what it was.
    Well I went on holiday for 2 weeks and apparently the site went down pretty early on in them 2 weeks so I apologise to anyone who has lost someone close to them as a result of this.
    ANYHOW... the site's on a temporary server somewhere just west of Norfolk now so it might be a bit slow until I get the good server back, which hopefully shouldn't be long.

13th July 2002
MARK'S BIRTHDAY Posted by James the Webby
Just a friendly reminder that this coming Friday is Mark's birthday! So if anyone knows where he lives and wants to throw something at him... then you do that.

1st July 2002
THINGS TO BE DONE Posted by James the Webby
Right, I must apologise to Mark for saying I'll do stuff on the site and then never getting round to it. Rest assured Mark Fox is still alive and there will be some new content sometime soon.
Now, for anyone wondering how the Liberty shows went... let's just say the PC obviously didn't know his arse from his elbow, so as it stands Mark's still in talks with various other PCs and hopes to bore one of them into submission sometime soon. Watch this space... or this one. Either will be fine.

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